Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kings of War Battle Report - 1500 Point Goblins vs Dwarves - Ransack

Bill and I played another game of Kings of War for my 6 X 6 Game Challenge.  I'm not sure if I'm getting worse at this game or if Bill is getting better, but at least I had a good time playing.

Our 1500 point armies faced of in the Ransack scenario from the Clash of Kings book.  In this scenario we had d6+1 objectives that were each worth d3 victory points.

Bill's army was pretty similar to our previous games, but I wanted to try out something a little different.  I used more small units (for goblins) but it didn't work out like I had hoped.  I think I will be painting up some more trolls and maybe adding back my 2nd giant in our next game.

I failed to take pictures of the game, but I did record video of the battle.  This game was played at my FLGS, Gauntlet Games, so I apologize for the noise.

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