Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blog Update 12-10-15 (A new gaming room, oh, and a new house to go with it.)

Some of you may have noticed that the blog has been kind of quite lately.

The reason for this is that I decided I wanted a new game room.  I have not had a real game room with a nice game table for many years.  We just didn't have the space for it.  So I talked my wife into getting a new house that was big enough for me to have a game room.  (It was actually my wife's idea for us to buy a new/bigger house.  I used the opportunity to negotiate a game room in the new house.)

At the end of November my wife and I purchased a new house and it is a bit of a fix-er-upper.  (We have been working on purchasing this house for almost a year.)  It is a much bigger house than what we have now and I'm excited that I will actually be able to have a real game room with a nice big table to play games on.

Much of my time since purchasing the house has been spent moving and doing a little work on the renovation so I have not been able to spend as much time gaming and almost no time painting.

We plan to be able to move into the house sometime in January and I will be back with gaming projects and game reports after that.  I've got a few small footprint board games at our temporary housing with Amy's parents (I'm very grateful they have let us stay with them) and will attempt to get a few posts up when I play them.

Here are a few pictures of the new house and some of the work that has been done.

Our new house.  A nice shade of... I really don't know what color that is...

Knocking out drywall so we can do some renovations.

More drywall coming out so we can do more renovations.

The kitchen has been torn out so we can put in a new one.

The master and main bathrooms have been gutted so we can completely redo them both.
This is a big project.  Bigger than I have ever done before.  I've built buildings from scratch before, but they were all for my little soldiers.

We've got great help with this project and it couldn't happen without all the help.  My wife, Amy, and her mom, Denise, have put the designs together and are planning out all the colors of paint, floor, cabinets, etc.  My father-in-law, Chris, seems to know how to do just about everything.  We hired a buddy of mine, Tom, to do the framing work and all it all came together very quickly and right on budget.  My kids, Olivia and Samantha, have helped with moving stuff and some of the demo.  My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have helped with demo and electrical work.  Josh put new locks on the house and Nathan helped with moving stuff.  I'm sure others have had a hand in this project so far and others will be helping later.

A huge thanks to everyone for your efforts so far.  We have much to do before we are done and I can't wait to see the final product.