Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Probe Droid

I got the Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game a few weeks ago.  I've played a couple of games so far and am very impressed with the game.  I really like the mechanics for campaigns and have started two with different groups.

I've decided I want to paint the miniatures.  The first one to hit the paint table was one of the probe droids.  I like these models and I think the paint job turned out well.

Pretty basic paint job here.  Based the model black and then dry brushed a dark grey and then a light grey.  Picked out a few details for a little color and I'm done.  I painted the base grey, but will probably do something more at some point.

The game has exterior and interior tiles so I'm not sure what to do.  I will probably go with a gravel base with bits of greenery.

Your thoughts on the basing would be appreciated.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Tale of an Epic Gamer - January goal achieved

I have finished painting the models I set for my goal for January.

18 bases of boyz

A closer shot of the boyz.  This unit has blue shoulder pads.  The next unit will have a different color to keep them separate.

12 Bonebreakas ready for battle.

I picked out a few details in red and green to break the models up a bit.

Another close up.

I didn't do the green and red on a few of these, but I think I will go back and add it.  It breaks up the yellow and adds more visual appeal with it there.

And here you can see the army as a whole.
It is good to achieve a goal and signing up for the Tale of an Epic Gamer is what kept me motivated to keep pushing through.  Next month I will be working on a Biel-tan Eldar force.  I'll post my February goals later.

I'd love to hear your feedback on these guys.  How do they look indiviually (less important to me)?  And how do they look together (always my greatest concern).

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tale of an Epic Gamer - updated Gutrippa

After getting a bit of feedback on the Goff Gutrippa I have added a bit of color.  I painted the turret and claws red and then washed the areas with GW agrax earthshade.

This makes a huge difference and I like the results.

What do you all think?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Tale of an Epic Gamer - January part 2

I've made some good progress this month.  I've finished the Nobz and Gretchin.

Nobz with bases painted and drybrushed.  Awaiting flock
Nobz are finished.

Gretchin awaiting flock.

Gretchin finished.
 The boyz and Bonebreakas are nearly finished.  When I get them finished I will post pictures.

I had a little spare time and did a test model for a future detachment.  The core of my army is going to be Bad Moon, but I want to have a few other clans represented as well.  Here is my first attempt at painting a Goff Gutrippa.  I'm please with the results, but would love to hear your thoughts.  I wonder if it needs more color?

This model was primed white and then I applied two coats of GW's Nuln Oil.  I hand painted the checkerboard pattern (which was a pain) and added a bit of silver on the claws, tracks and gun barrels.

Your comments, suggestions, and thoughts would be appreciated.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tale of an Epic Gamer 2015

It looks like I'm going to make 2015 an Epic year for gaming.  What that means is that I have signed up for Tactical Command's Tale of an Epic Gamer painting project.  The goal is to make lots of progress on painting your 6mm Epic 40k army (or any 6mm force).  You are encouraged to post what progress you've made each month and share it on their forum.

Most people work on one army for the whole year.  There are truly some impressive armies showcased there.  Many of them have provided inspiration for me, but my talents aren't quite as developed as many of the others that have posted their armies over the years.

I am working on armies to share with my gaming group so my approach is going to be a bit different.  My goal is to complete 2,000 point armies of four different Epic 40k races.  I will be doing Orks, Eldar, Imperial Guard, and Tyranids.  This will allow me to have different armies to teach others how to play and maybe get a couple of people interested enough to actually play some games with me.

I will be painting up the units for use with NetEpic Gold, an updated version of Space Marine 2 (a free download of the rules can be found here) and NetEpic: Armageddon, an updated version of Epic Armageddon (a free download of the rules can be found here).  These are very different games, but use the same models.  I'm leaning more toward NetEpic Gold, but since I haven't actually played either yet, I'm going to leave my options open.

My goal for January is to paint up a detachment of Ork infantry and some Bonebreakas.  The infantry detachment will include 18 bases of Ork Boyz, 8 bases of Gretchin, and 6 bases of Nobz.

NetEpicGold  (I know I have an extra Support Card)
Bad Moon Clan Company Card - 4 Nobz, 15 Boyz - 600 points
   + Gretchin Mob Support Card x2 - 8 Gretchin - Free
   + Bonebreaka Squadron Support Card x 4 - 12 Bonebreakas - 600 points

Bad Moon Huge Warband - 6 Nobz, 18 Boyz, 6 Gretchin - 500 points
Bad Moon Huge Blitz Brigade - 12 Gunwagons - 350 points

Here are a few pictures of the work in progress so far.

I've made good progress over the holidays.  Next up is painting the bases of the infantry and painting the guns and tracks of the Bonebreakas.

As you can see these models are very small.  I don't plan to add quite the level of detail that others do for this scale.  My normal goal is to set the models on the table, take a step back, and view them from there.  I think these look good like that and will continue with that as my benchmark.

I'll keep you posted as I make progress.  

Monday, January 5, 2015

G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. in the Sudan

My friend Bill was nice enough to set up a game of G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. (Glorious Adventures in Science Loosely Involving General Historical Times) for us to play.  It was set in the Sudan.  A British colonial force was defending a fortified city against an attack by a Fuzzy Wuzzy horde.  The Fuzzy's had two boats mounting a couple of cannons and several ships that were bringing more troops across the river and into the assault.  

The British were not expecting an attack so weren't able to respond right away.  First they had to raise the alarm and then the defenders would start pouring out of the buildings.

The Fuzzy's goal was to get to the Mosque and retrieve a religious idol and to kill as many defenders as they could.  The British were trying to defend the city and the civilian population.

Our battlefield

Some Fuzzy's set up on the board next to the wall.

The gun ships will use their cannons to punch through the defensive wall and then as counter-battery fire.

The Fuzzy's are ready to breach the wall as soon as a hole is opened.

The alarm is sounded and the gatling crew try to get to their gun before the attackers get to them.

One unit of Fuzzy's climb the wall and prepare to charge into the city.

A hail of spears kills all the defenders that had taken positions on top of this buidling.

The first unit of support from across the river hits the shore line and starts to brave the heavy fire as they charge toward the city.

A unit of Fuzzy's rush through the breach in the wall thanks to the cannon fire.

A unit of Fuzzy's climbs the hill at the edge of the main city.

A unit of mercenaries mount up, ready to defend the city.

A unit of British troops forms a defensive line across the main road into the city.

Camel cavalry reinforcements arrive and join the assault.

More reinforcements for the assault.  Horse cavalry this time.

The camels and a unit of infantry use the breach in the wall to enter the city's outskirts.

A unit of Highlanders move to protect an approach into the city.

A unit of British troops take position on the walls of a building ready to lay down a hail of fire on any assaulting troops that get to close.

The troops defending the main road blast away with rifle and cannon.

The Fuzzy's are ready to assault the city, but must break through the Highlanders that have formed up in the alley way.

The camel cavalry continue their approach on the city.

The Highlanders show their worth and hold their ground against wave after wave of Fuzzy attackers.

More infantry moving across the river to aid the assault, but a British steam ship has arrived.

The British Steam ship fires on the gun boats.

The gun boats manage to destroy a cannon in the city.  The path just got a little safer for the assaulting troops.

Another wave of infantry for the assault, but another British steam ship arrives as well.

With 2 British steam ships, it doesn't look like many more reinforcements will be coming and the fire from the gun boats will probably be silenced as well.

The troops on the boats suffer losses from the fire from the British Marines.

The British pull back to the Redoubt and form a defensive line to protect the civilians.

The Fuzzy's reach the mosque and form up at the entrance as their leader enters the building to retrieve their idol.

With their approach blocked, the Attackers decide to board the steam ship.  It doesn't go well and they are repelled by the Marines.

The Fuzzy's have suffered major losses, but their leader is able to get away with the idol they were seeking.

The remaining Fuzzy's assault the redoubt, but are repelled by the defenders.  If they could have breached this defensive line it would have been easy to slaughter the remaining civilians, but the British valiantly hold the line against overwhelming odds and protect the redoubt.
The game was tons of fun and the table was beautiful.  Thanks to Bill for putting the game together and Thanks to Randy, Viking Mike and Gene for playing.