Monday, July 9, 2018

6mm Fantasy - Painting Beastmen from Microworld Games

My demon army needs someone to fight against, so I'm also working on a Beastmen army.  These models are also from Microworld Games.  The level of detail on these models is pretty impressive.

I have managed to get a good amount painted so far, but have more to add to the collection in the future.  This will give me more options for army selection and allow me to field larger armies.

Faun Archers

Dire Boars

Command Stands (Generals, Heroes, and Shamans)

These models were fun to paint and turned out very nicely.  I look forward to getting these models to the table.

I've now got the core forces for 2 armies completed so I can actually play a game or two with them.  I hope to test out the Lord and Lands rules soon and will be sharing about that in a future post.  Stay tuned.