Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Deadzone Terrain Test Piece - Painting and Assembly

My friend Bill picked up the second edition box of Deadzone and wants to try this game out.  I've got a copy of the first edition and a fair amount of terrain, but never put any of it together or painted any of it.

This game needs terrain so I thought I would assemble a building and do a test run on a color scheme to see how it looks.  I want something that will be easy and quick to paint, but still looks good on the table.  

I sprayed the pieces with a black primer and then sprayed them with a medium grey.  I think I ended up putting a heavier coat of grey than I wanted, but they still look alright.  

After this was dry, I masked off a small section and used a foam sponge to apply some yellow to the wall sections.

I painted the beams on industrial sections with black and then dry-bushed them silver.

I assembled the pieces and am pleased with the look.  I think I will used some different colors for future buildings so there is some variation on the table.  

I think for the next building I will try to sponge the grey onto the black to see how that looks.  I'm not sure about the time it will take to paint them that way, but they might have a better look.

I think I will be able to paint a fair number of buildings pretty quickly which is always a good thing.

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