Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Heroics and Ros Unboxing - Cold War Era US models

As I look to expand my Cold War Era 6mm forces, I placed an order with Heroics and Ros.  I had heard they have good prices, but some of their models are a bit lacking in quality.  I wanted to get my hands on a few to judge for myself and placed an order to expand my US forces.

My order included some basic infantry, infantry support weapons, infantry Dragon lanuchers, some Hummers, M113 transports, and M1 Abrams.

These are not as detailed as either GHQ or CinC, but they still look nice. The quality of the models is reasonable and I think once painted they will look just fine on the table.  Given the price point on these and the fact that you can order individual vehicles, these might be a good choice for many players.

M113 Transports

Dragon Launcher


M1 Abrams
US Infantry
US Infantry (close-up)

US Infantry Support Weapons

US Infantry Support Weapons (Close-up)

US Infantry Support Weapons (Close-up)

The downside for me is that shipping from the UK to the US was a bit high.  My order was about 25 pounds and shipping added another 13 pounds.

While the models are nice, I think I will be making use of CinC for most of my models purchases in the future.

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