Saturday, February 18, 2017

Painting a unit of Wraiths for Kings of War

I've pretty much got my goblins finished for the moment, I'm sure I will add stuff to the army eventually, but I've at least got a solid core that I can play with, so I decided to work on my Undead army.  I've got a fair number of models (mostly GW) sitting around that will be the core of the army.

I want to include a unit of wraiths, but I decided to use a different model than what Mantic has.  I picked up a couple of Ghost models from the Reaper Bones range.  These are pretty nice models and I think they will work well as a substitute for wraiths in my army.

I attached these to the appropriate sized base and decided that I wanted them to look like they were coming out of the ground.  So I decided to put a dark color on the bottom and have it transition to an ethereal blue on the top of the model.  This is the first time I've done some kind of thing like this and was hoping it would turn out alright.

With the base colors applied, I figured a couple of layers of drybrushed colors should give me the look I'm hoping to accomplish.

After doing 3 colors of dry-brushing on the blue and a grey dry-brush on the bottem, I based the models and Ta-Da, a pretty good looking unit to add to my army.

Paints Used:

White Primer
Vallejo Game Color
  Beasty Brown
  Stonewall Grey
Vallejo Model Air Color
  Anthracite Grey
Army Painter
  Deep Blue
  Crystal Blue
Vallejo Model Color
  Sky Blue

I love it when a simple paint job turns out well.  What do you think of the unit?  Would you use these in your army?