Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rebel Minis - The Scourge Unboxing

I've had a fair collection of 15mm soldiers for quite a while.  I really like 15mm games because they allow you to play a nice sized game in a smaller table-top area.  There are a lot of really nice models available in this scale and they are fairly easy to paint to a decent table-top standard.

Rebel Minis has supplied models for several of my 15mm armies.  Today we are going to look at some new additions to The Scourge.  I already have a few of these, but need to add some more troops to the force.

A pack of The Scourge comes with 21 models and has 5 different poses included.  Some of the poses are pretty similar, but it is still a nice variety.  The models don't have a lot of flash to clean up and are nearly ready to go out of the bag.

I normally base my models on washers and this works great for these models as well.

These models look like they came straight out of Terminator, but they can also work very well for any kind of alien AI type force.  They can stand by themselves or they serve as a mechanical troop selection in another force.

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