Sunday, November 27, 2016

Imperial Skies - Turkish Fleet - Part 1

I previously posted about my first attempt at painting models for Imperial Skies.  You can read all about it here.

Muin-I-Zaffer Class Dig Cruiser
Now that I have colors picked out, the rest of the fleet should be easy to finish up.

With a couple of cruisers painted, I wanted to paint some patrol ships.  I figure a cruiser and a couple frigates will give me a decent starting force for a few test games of Imperial Skies.

The small ships at the bottom are Keyk Class Patrol Digs.  The slightly bigger ships at the top are Yarhisar Class Fast Torpedo Digs.  The Yarhisar will be painted at a future date.

Next I needed to decide how I was going to mount them on the stands.  I drilled 2 holes in the bottom of the ship and then bent a paperclip so it would fit in the holes.  I filed a notch into the top of the flight stand and glued the paperclip in place.

This isn't going to be how I mount all the ships.  It is just too fiddly.  I decided to put in an order for some CorSec Engineering stands and mounts.  These appear to be a pretty slick option, but they are a bit pricey.  I hope I get them soon so I can try them out on my next batch of ships.

I followed the same pattern for painting these ships as I did for the cruiser above..

I started with a spray coat of light brown and applied a wash of Agrax Earthshade.  I painted the structure neutral grey and highlighted that with stonewall grey.

The turret was painted black and the smoke stack was painted white.

The smoke stack got a dot of black and the windows were painted blue and highlighted with a light blue.

Quick and easy paint jobs are my specialty.

I still need to figure out some markings for the tail fins.  I got some flags along with my order from Brigade Models, but they are too big to fit on the tail fin of these models.  I tried one on the side to see how it looked.  I was unimpressed.

Instead I thought I would paint the tail fin red and free hand a moon and star.

Not perfect, but I like the look.  Any ship that doesn't have a flag on a mast will have the tail fin painted.

The completed squadron is now ready for battle.

Stay tuned to see how this fleet grows.

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