Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So many Rhinos, but still not enough.

I've been hard at work on adding some vehicles to my Epic 40k Space Marine force.

Rhinos are a staple of the army and I want to be sure I have enough.  I've painted 19 that can join my existing forces.  (I'm not sure why I did 19 and not 20?)

I've also added a few more Whirlwinds to bolster my artillery division and a couple Hunters to add some AA support.  The Whirlwinds and Hunters were made from a Rhino and some add on parts I got from Shapeways.

I'm pleased with the results and now need to paint up more Space Marine infantry stands to fill all the Rhinos.

I've also got a batch of 12 predators on the paint table.  They have been base coated and washed and are ready for the details to be painted.

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