Friday, June 19, 2015

Zombies!!! - Solo Variant Reveiw

I sat down during my lunch on Friday to play Zombies!!!, published by Twilight Creations.  This game was originally published in 2001, but is still going strong and has at least 12 expansions.  Think of all the "B" zombie movies you've seen and add in a heavy dose of cut-throat game play.

I picked up a used copy of the game at Gauntlet Games, my FLGS.  It tuns out the game included the base game as well as some additional zombies.  Woot!  Woot!

I've liked zombie movies since I was a kid and have seen most of the classics, as well as the recent movies and shows.  I've also seen a few obscure gems that were a bit crazy even for a zombie film.

This game is very beer and pretzels with very low complexity, but a good time if you come in with a good attitude.

I've been on a solo kick lately so decided to see what kind of solo variants I could find for Zombies!!!  Well, I wasn't disappointed; had some different options on their forums.  I chose a variant shown in Shaun Rice's YouTube channel "Living out of Suitcases".  The rules are very straight forward and it plays quickly.

The board at the end of the game.
Shaun presents his solo rules in the video, but I'm going to put them down in writing for anyone that is interested.

Zombies!!! Solo Variant by Shaun Rice
  • Mix Helipad tile into bottom 50% of tile deck
  • Hero gets no event cards at beginning of game
  • Hero starts with 5 hearts and 3 ammo
  • Hero has 3 extra lives.  If used, the hero respawns at town center as normal with 3 hearts and 3 ammo.
  • Zombies placed on tiles should be place in the closest spaces to the hero.  Zombies place in a named building should be placed inside the building as normal.
  • When drawing event cards, if it is a negative event, it should be played immediately.  If the event card has an option between negative and positive effects, the negative effects must be taken.
  • When moving zombies, you must always move the zombies closest to the hero toward the hero.
  • Once the Helipad tile is revealed, the hero can't win with 25 kills.  He must get to the helipad and escape.

This is a fun game with lots of flavor and works with 1 player as well as 6 players.

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