Tuesday, June 16, 2015

BGG's Star Realms Solo Challenge #8

I've posted about a review of Star Realms on my blog in the past; Star Realms Review.  I enjoy the game and have introduced it to many people since I learned about it.

BoardGameGeek's 1 Player Guild is running a series of solo challenges for this game.  I played through the Star Realms Solo Challenge #8 and thought I would post a little about it.

"Ships have been disappearing from the Fringe for years. What do you expect when you venture into unexplored space on the edge of the Galaxy.  However now there are more insistent rumors of something out there.

Multiple ships are disappearing including powerful Dreadnoughts and even Space Stations.   Proof of a malignant influence is accumulating, with the final transmissions from the lost vessels indicating an enemy presence.  And probably the most damning proof is the dark indistinct image from Fortress Oblivion before contact was lost.

Now we know that there is something unknown out there.

You have been charged with investigating the events and bringing these "Shadows" under control.  Will you be able to defeat this menace and make the Fringe safe again?"

I choose the Flagship to add to my starting deck.
Set-up at beginning of game
The game started out slow for me.  I got a couple of turns very early in the game that I had to discard my whole hand.  Essentially this means I had to miss my turn while the Shadows were building authority.

I did manage to get a few good hands.  My winning attack dealt 19 damage and wiped out the threat of the Shadows.  The game only lasted 11 rounds and was a great time.
My final attack that destroyed the Shadows

Tracking the authority of the Shadows and my fleet
This is a good game and there are lots of different ways to play it.  There are different multi-player options and an active player community that has created a variety of solo options as well.

The price point of $14.99 MSRP is pretty decent for a game and this one offers a lot of game for that price.  

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