Tuesday, June 9, 2015

71st Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion - Memoir 44

June 6, 2015 marked the 71st anniversary of the D-Day invasion of France by allied forces.  About 160,000 Allied troops took part of the invasion that was a major stepping stone on the way to the Allied victory in Europe.

In remembrance and honor of all those that took part in the D-Day invasion, a group of my friends got together to play a Memoir 44 scenario representing a small piece of the battle.

We used the D-Day Landings expansion for Memoir 44 and fought using the Omaha Beach and Utah Beach Maps.  Randy and Marty took command of the Axis forces, while James and Martin shared control of the Allies.  I served as official and helped some of the new-ish players.

Each side was working toward acquiring 28 victory points.  Points could be earned for taking control of beaches, taking control of a cities, and destroying enemy units.  The Allies had a bad day and failed at their attempt to take these beaches.  The final point total was 28 points for the Axis and 10 points for the Allies.  In fairness, the two new-ish players were running the Allied forces, so with a few more games under their belts, it might have gone the other way.

Thanks to the guys for joining me in the game and thanks to all those who served (or still serve) in the armed services.

Below are a few pictures of the game.


  1. This looks like it was fun, I really want to try these big Memoir games.

  2. I've only played a handful of the larger battles, but they are a lot of fun.

    Memoir games are normally pretty quick, but these take a bit more time and you have to plan things out for a longer fight. I also like that you can get reinforcements. That adds another dynamic to the game that isn't there in the base game.

    Depending on the maps you play, you may need multiple copies of the base game, as you will need lots of models. For these two maps we used 3 base boxes.