Sunday, February 17, 2019

Painting Abyssal Gargoyle models from Mantic Games for Kings of War Vanguard

I've added some Gargoyle models to my Kings of War Vanguard Abyssal Warband. 

These models are support models so I can only include a limited number in my warband.  They have fly which will give them a fair amount of mobility on the table.  Their regeneration should also help to keep them alive.

These models only have a single pose and I wish they some variation, but I like the way they look.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Painting Abyssal Guard models from Mantic Games for Kings of War Vanguard

I've finished some Abyssal Guard models to add to my Abyssal Warband for Kings of War Vanguard.

These are classed as warriors in the game and will add some additional combat strength to the warband.  These also have regeneration, so that should help to keep them going in battle even after they have taken some damage.

I wish these models had a little more variety in their poses, but I still like the look of them.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Painting Succubus Models from Mantic Games for Kings of War Vanguard

A batch of Succubus models have found their way to my paint table.  These are the next models for my Kings of War Vanguard Abyssal Warband.

These models are classed the the warriors in the rules and will give my warband a little more combat prowess.  They also have stealth, so hopefully they can get into combat without suffering too much from ranged attacks.

The models look good and I like the variety of weapon combinations on these models.

What do you think?

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Painting Flame Bearer models from Mantic Games for Kings of War Vanguard

The next models to hit my paint table for Nick's New Year's Painting Challenge and my Abyssal Warband are some Flame Bearers from Mantic Games.

These models are considered grunts in the rules and will not only give me cheap troops, but also give me some ranged attacks for my warband.

I wasn't sure about the flame on these models, but I think it turned out well and adds some nice color to the models.

What do you think?

Monday, January 21, 2019

Painting Lower Abyssal models from Mantic Games for Kings of War Vanguard

I've shown off the models I got from the recent Kings of War Vanguard Kickstarter and now I want to actually paint some of them.

A fellow YouTuber that I watch, IDICBeer 40K, has a painting challenge going on that I will use to keep me motivated on this project.  I don't really have a deadline to finish, but I plan to work on the models from the Abyssal Warband until I get them all painted.  I might take a week or two for other projects, but I'll keep plugging away at these until they are finished.

First up for this project are the Lower Abyssal models.  These serve as grunts in this warband and will serve as cheap cannon fodder.  They were also test models for the color scheme.  I like the look and will use this color scheme throughout the warband.

What do you think of the skin tone?  That is kind of the defining attribute of these models.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Painting Tin Men Fleet from Ravenstar Studio

A few years ago I painted a fleet of ships for a charity auction at a game convention out East.  I volunteered to paint another fleet this year and was give a fleet of Tin Men ships from Ravenstar Studio.

These ships have a robotic crew, so I wanted to make sure they had a look that matched that idea.  In my head, this group of ships has been assigned a guard post in a distant nebula and have been stationed there for millennia.  The constant exposure to the corrosive elements in the nebula have taken their toll on the ships and they show the wear and tear.  (I know this may not make scientific sense, but it sounded good in my head).

The ships have interesting designs and I was happy with the paint scheme.  I hope whomever won them at the auction enjoy them and put them to good use.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Painting a Balrog for Lord of the Rings

I've had this Balrog model sitting on my shelf, half finished, for many years.  With the release of the new edition of the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, I thought it was time to get this painted for use with my Moria Goblins.

I did a little modification by removing the flames from the back of the model.  I just used modeling putty to fill the gap and then molded it to match the rest of the lava like surface.

I'm very happy with the results of this model.