Sunday, April 21, 2019

Cruel Seas - Building Guide for the Vosper MTBs

I picked up Cruel Seas from Warlord games when it came out, but have not had a chance to work on it yet.  I've started building the British Vosper motor torpedo boats and put together a video showing how to build the ships.

Below is a step by step guide showing how I assembled the ships.

First, I printed out a guide showing what all the pieces on the sprue are.  I trimmed all the pieces off the sprue and placed them on the sheet to keep track of them.

I'm building the Type I, Vosper first.  I took the two pieces for the cabin and dry fit them to make sure they fit.  The I glued them in place.  Don't use too much glue as you don't want the glue making a mess.

Next, I took the attached the torpedo tubes.  The back of each tube has a small bulge that should go to the outside of the ship.  Be sure you attache the correct tube to the correct side.

Next, I attached the twin Vickers MG to the back of the boat.  This fits into the circle at the back of the boat.

Next, the 20mm Oerlikon cannon gets mounted on the front deck.  There isn't a hole for this, so just apply a bit of glue and try to center the cannon on the deck.

Last up is to attach the mast.  I trimmed the bottom a little so it fits into the whole, added a little glue and put it in place.  Be sure you get it in line with the ship so the mast isn't at a weird angle.

This is what your finished Type I models should look like.

Next up is the Type II Vosper.  I took the two pieces of the cabin and attach them to the hull.

Next, I attach the 4 torpedo tubes.  These have the same bulge at the back of the tube and these should be placed so they are on the outside of the boat.

Next, I take the two pieces of the twin 20mm Oerlikon cannon.  Glue the pieces together, then attach the cannon by putting it in the whole on the front deck.

 Finally, trim the base of the mast so it fits into the whole, add a bit of glue and attach the mast to the ship.

This is what this ship should look like when finished.

A little work and you will have your flotilla finished and ready for paint.

These models are pretty nicely detailed and now that I've got them assembled, I'm looking forward to painting them.

Stay tuned as I paint these up and assemble and paint the German MTBs as well.


  1. Could you do a guide for the American PT boat and German S-Boat sprues? They were bundled in with magazines at the Tabletop Gaming Live convention, and the assembly guides on Warlord's website are just a list of parts.

    1. I did a guide for the German S boats. You can find it at this link.

      I never did one for the American PT boats and don't have plans for them at this point. Sorry about that.