Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tale of an Epic Gamer - May Goal Achieved

The Imperial Guard are numerous, but I just love them.  I set up a bit of an assembly line to paint all these models and was able to finish them in May.  I didn't, however, get the army pictures taken until now.

Here is one unit of tactical infantry.  Yep, this is one unit using the NetEpic Gold rules.  33 stands in total.

Next up is a unit of Leman Russ tanks.

The last unit for the month is a Sentinel Squad.

The army preparing to march to war.

NetEpic Gold

Tactical Infantry Company - 30 infantry stands, 2 command stand, 1 commissar stand - 600 points
Leman Russ Squadron - 3 tanks - 200 points
Sentinel Squadron - 5 walkers - 150 points

Total points: 950 points


Infantry Company - 12 stands - 250 points
Infantry Company - 12 stands - 250 points
Sentinel Squadron - 4 walkers - 100 points
Tank Squadron - 3 Leman Russ - 175 points

Total points:  775 points

The eldar are on my paint table now and I've made decent progress on them this month.

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