Friday, June 12, 2015

Skull & Shackles - play through A0S1

My first play which will be the start of a solo quest.

I played this solo, but used 2 characters.  I chose to use Lem and Valeros.  Lem was born a slave, but using his wit, was able to escape from bondage.  Valeros was a noble hearted mercenary,  but his desire for adventure has led him to a life fighting for those in need.  These two men's paths crossed some years ago and they have developed a great friendship.  They now fight along side one another seeking noble causes and working to defeat evil wherever they may find it.

Lem and Valeros now find themselves in The Shackles.  This is a string of island spinning off from the western coast of Garund.  These waters are infested with notorious pirates, treacherous scalawags, and vicious sea monsters.  Our heroes have used their savings to purchase a Merchantman sailing ship and will test their skills and wit on the high seas.

Their first test will be the Plunder and Peril adventure that comes in the base set.  The first scenario is Island Hopping.  There is booty to be had in these waters, but there is also an enemy ship who's captain will likely feed you to the sharks if he were to capture you.  The heroes must find the adaro barbarian and remove him from these waters.

I started out by dividing the guys up and sending them to what appeared to be the easiest locations to close.  I got lucky and did manage to close both fairly quickly.  I left them on their own as they moved to the other locations, but I quickly realized they would need to team up to finish the mission.

Things went well, until they ran into a Ghost.  To defeat a ghost you need to have a magical thing.  This posed a challenge, but I eventually was able to pull a magic missile and took care of the ghost.  The villain, the adaro barbarian, is tough, but I had a good mix of spells and a good weapon to help me defeat him.

Since this was my very first game, I was learning the rules and didn't have much strategy.  The game played well and I picked it up pretty quickly.  Future games will go smooth (mechanically), but I'm sure they will get more challenging as I move through the various scenarios.

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