Monday, June 1, 2015

BattleTech Alpha Strike AAR - A Black Jack's Campaign game 5/28/15

Bill set us up with a game of Alpha Strike this past Thursday evening.  The Black Jack's Mercenary company were sent in to attack a Kurita force containing 2 lances of Mechs, a command Mech, some infantry, and a number of vehicles.  

The Black Jack's had to deploy 1 lance on each corner of the table, so we weren't able to combine fire very effectively.

Below you will see some pictures of the battle.

The Black Jack's had a superior force coming into the battle, but the defenders had the advantage of being together and had cover from much of the incoming forces.

This battle was a testament to the outstanding skills of the Black Jack's techs as there were very few damaged systems even after a few mechs suffering severe damage.  (Bill, the OpFor player, kept rolling 5 or 9 on the crit table.)

The two furthest lances got delayed and bogged down facing off against the enemy Atlas and Cyclops.  These two assault mechs were able to use the buildings to good effect to screen themselves from the bulk of the incoming lances while still maintaining lines of fire to 1 or 2 mechs at a time.  Not to worry though, we will get these two rookie lance commanders trained eventually.

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