Thursday, June 25, 2015

BattleTech: Alpha strike - Kill Them All - 6-13-15

My friend, Forrest, and I played a game of BattleTech: Alpha Strike last weekend.  We played a straight up battle with no real goals other than killing to other's army.  While I normally like having some objectives to accomplish, a blood bath worked for a quick friendly game.  

We each brought a 500 point force for the game.

Kurita Forces ready for action.  Almost everyone is skill 3 except the Battlemaster that is skill 2.

The enemy forces.  4 lances of skill 4 mechs
The battlefield
The mechs advance and open fire on each other.

There are no good places to hide here.
A Spider manages to get behind my Awesome and opens up on the rear armor.
The two battle lines face off against each other.
The mechs are protecting their backs with the building.
The unpainted enemy has advance across the board while the Kurita forces have lost many mechs and are falling back.
Say good-bye to the Dragon

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I chose a force of elite pilots, while my opponent went with basic skill levels and got more units.  The open field allowed him to put lots of shots on my guys and he was better about focusing fire than I was.  His fast units where also quick to move forward and get behind my guys.

This was a fun game and while I lost in a big way, I learned a bit in the process.

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