Saturday, December 31, 2016

GHQ's Modern US Army Tank Company M1A2 Combat Command - Unboxing

I picked up a couple of rule sets so I can play some Cold War gone hot battles.

I got Team Yankee, Cold War Commander, and Fist Full of TOWs III.  Team Yankee is written with 15mm in mind, but I think it will work better and the scale will make more sense with 6mm models.  I plan to use most of the rules and ranges as written, but use 6mm models instead.  Cold War Commander and Fist Full of TOWs III are both written to be scale neutral and 6mm will work well for both of those.

With some rules in hand, I needed to get some models.  There are several manufactures that make appropriate models in this scale.  I have some C-in-C models on the way and have also got a few GHQ models.

For the US forces, I picked up a Combat Command box of Modern US Army Tank Company M1A2s.

I thought I would show off what comes in the box and give a few thoughts on the models.

14 - M1A2 Abrams tanks
2 - HMMWVs
1 - M35 truck
1 - M88 ARV
1 - M113A3 track
1 - M577 track

Other Stuff
Set of introductory wargame rules
Painting guide
Model Catalog
Plastic storage case with foam insert

Here are a few pictures of the models that come in the box.

The models look great.  there is very little flash that needs to be removed.  There are a few mold lines that will need to be cleaned up, but overall they should be pretty easy to prepare for painting.

I'm surprised and impressed by how detailed these models are for this scale. The HMMWVs and truck have their undercarriage fully modeled.  I'm not sure that will ever be useful, but it does look nice.

I only took a quick look at the rules that are included.  They seem pretty straight forward, and could be an option if I didn't already have a couple of rule sets in hand.  The painting and terrain guide are also useful.

GHQ models are some of the more expensive ones on the market, they have great detail and look fantastic. I'm looking forward to painting these models and will enjoy using them in some battles.

What do you think of the detail?  Are they what you expected?

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