Saturday, December 31, 2016

6 x 6 Game Challenge 2017 - An Introduction

Kaptain Kobold from The Stronghold Rebuilt blog put out a challenge for the coming year.  He talked about all the painting challenges that go on during the year, but said we are all gamers so shouldn't we have some challenges focused on playing games?

The idea is to play several games several times so that you can develop your understanding of the games.  Instead of just learning the rules and playing one or twice, you can actually get enough games in that you start to have some strategy and tactics behind you.

This sounds fun.    So I've decided to take the challenge.  Below are the details of the challenge as listed on The Stronghold Rebuilt.

The Six by Six Challenge 2017 
(i) Select a list of Six games. These can be miniature, card, board or role-playing games. You may change entries on the list during the year, but game-plays for games you drop should no longer count towards the challenge.
(ii) To start the challenge, post the link to your blog. 
(iii) You commit to play each of  your six chosen games at least six times during the course of 2017. 
(iv) When you play a game in your challenge list, record the play in your blog. This record can range from a one line acknowledgment to a full blow-by-blow report. 
(v) If you've done it right, at the end of the year you should have at least thirty-six game sessions recorded.

I hereby commit to playing six games six times each in 2017.  That works out to 3 games per month.  I am planning to not only blog about my plays but also to create videos for my YouTube channel.

Don't worry, I will continue to do all the other fun projects I like to work on.  I am excited for this challenge.  I play quite a few games, but honestly I don't often play the same game all that many times in a year.

My games for the challenge are:

I've a couple board games and a couple miniature games on the list.  I'm sure a few of the plays will be solo on a couple of these games.

I challenge my readers to sign up for this challenge as well.  Spend some time playing the games that you spend all that time painting models and building terrain for.

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