Thursday, October 13, 2016

New additions to my Epic 40K Space Marines

After using my Space Marines for a GASLIGHT in space game several weeks ago, I realized I need to get more painted up.  Now that I have finished my Goblin army for Kings of War, I'm ready for a new project and I think I'm going to work on expanding the Space Marines.

Some time ago, I ordered some sponsons and turrets from Shapeways that will turn a regular Rhino into a Predator.  So I pulled them out of storage and got to work on some models.  I also want to add some regular Rhinos and a few Whirlwinds.  The whirlwind launchers from also came from Shapeways.

I cut plasticard to make a riser for the turret to sit on so it has clearance over the bolters.

The bottom has been painted and they are ready for the tops to get the base coat..  I use painters tape to keep these from flying away when I paint them.

Not bad progress for a couple hours of work.  I'll post updates as I make more progress.

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