Friday, May 13, 2016

Shipping Containers

What sci-fi setting could be complete without the proverbial shipping containers.  Okay, probably quite a few, but they will work well in a lot of settings.

A buddy picked up a pile of 28mm mdf containers from Crossover Miniatures.  These are meant for 28mm, but I think they will work well as large containers for my 15mm games.  A set of 4 containers is $15 with $3 for shipping.  Not a bad price.  The model's dimensions are 125mm x 50 mm x 50 mm.

Looking at the models before assembly, I noticed that 3 of the 4 containers each had one nub broken off.  Not a big deal as I stuck that point on the bottom so it won't really be seen when the models are finished.  And since there are still 3 other nubs to hold that end together, the model still seems to be pretty solid.

I used wood glue to assemble these.  A few drops in the joins and they are good to go.  The models square themselves as you assemble them.  I was happy with how easily and quickly these go together.

Next up, is a coat of primer.  I use auto primer from my local auto parts store; it is cheaper than the stuff at my local hobby store and works just as well.  I went with grey for these models.  As always, don't go overboard with any primer; several light coats is much better than one heavy coal.  You can't take primer away once it has been applied.

I painted these green with the a white center panel.  They look pretty good.  If I get more, I will probably paint some different colors.  But since I only have four I'm fine with them matching.  I will be adding some sort of logo to the white panel, but I haven't decided what would look good there.  If you have any ideas, leave me a note.

Rebel Minis (15mm) model for scale

Rebel Minis (15mm) model for scale

GW Space Marine (28mm) for scale

Hind-sight is 20/20 and I think I should have gone with a white primer and carefully painted around the white panel.  It would have given a better look, but these still turned out alright.  

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