Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Reinforcements for SAGA

With my 4 point force completed I thought I would add some more troops to my force so I can play larger games.

I got a box of inexpensive Saxon Thegns from Warhames factory many moons ago, but never got around to painting them as I lost interest in painting anything SAGA after a incident with a can of silver spray paint.

However, now that I have fixed the silver models, I thought I needed to expand my force.  Of course, these are Saxons and my main force is Scots, but I'm not really that picky and figured these guys could stand in as allied troops.  I will count them as normal Scottish troops on the tabletop.

The models are multi-part plastics with a variety of weapon and arm options.  These are all wearing chain mail for armor and can be armed with spears, bows, axes or swords.  I've  given most models spears, but a few have axes and swords.  I don't believe there is a difference in the SAGA rules for different weapons except double handed weapons, but I know the Scot board has at least 1 action that requires the unit be armed with spears.

Above is photo of the work in progress.  I use the colors on the shields to distinguish units on the table.  These need to have the shields washed and the bases finished.

2 points of Warriors.

A close up so you can really see how these guys look.