Monday, August 11, 2014

Salvation Falls - Old West Buildings

I have a few buildings that I put together for use in some Old West gun fight games.  These are all scratch built and painted by me.

This one was my first attempt.  It is made with a wood frame and then I added the planking.  The windows are made from cereal boxes and wood strips.  They were then glued onto the building.  I use this as a bunk house.

Here is the gallows and water tower.  These are staples of any old west town (right?).  The water tower is missing a few boards on the top that need to be replaced.  Damage from poor storage.

Here is the mercantile shop.  For this building I used foam core board for the walls.  Same process for the windows.  The roof comes off of this one so you can put models inside.  I plan to add more color to the interior at some point, but basic black works for now.  The roof is cereal boxes.

Here we have the livery for the town.  The doors on this model open and the roof comes off.  There is a loft inside for models to hide in.

Here is the train station.  The roof comes off on this model as well.  This is the only building in town that has been painted a color other than brown.  The railroad ponied the coin for a few gallons of paint.  Everyone else prefers the raw wood look.

Here is the town post office.  The roof is attached to this one so no one can get inside.

My last building is the hotel.  This is two levels and has access to both by taking it apart.  Again, the interior needs something more than just the basic black, but I have yet to get to that.  Someday.

I have plans to add a few more buildings and I purchased a couple from Gamecraft Miniatures to try out.  I just haven't got them painted yet.

What do you think?  What should be added to the town next?