Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I used to play Warhammer 40K quite a bit.  Like many others, I acquired a large collection of models.  I have since come to the realization that the rules for the game are not what I like to play.  There are way to many other rule sets out there that are quite simply more fun to play and that don't focus on simply selling models.  (Ok, I'm off my soap box now.)

During my tenure with 40K, I collected primarily Imperial Guard, Orks, and Space Marines.  However, I played most of the armies as one time or another.  As noted in a previous post, I have always loved the Alien movies, so the Tyranids are a natural extension of that love.  Well to be more specific, genestealers are a natural extension of that love.  You even used to be able to play an army of only genestealers.

I think the models are great. (GW does make very pretty models.)  One day while looking around in one of my favorite websites, (eBay) I found an auction for some genestealers.  160 genestealers.  Why would you ever need that many?  Who knows, but the price was right and I bought them.  I have been working on painting these up and below you can see the results.

This is my first batch.  Nothing fancy.  Really just a test run.  I like the results.  The bases need some work and the next batch has textured bases that will look like they are running around inside a space ship.

These were base coated with a bone color then washed with GW Leviathan Purple ink.  Next I dry brushed them with bone.  I painted the claws black and then red and the tongues were painted green.  The bases were painted black and then dry-brushed grey.  Simple, but effective.

These guys have seen action in some double-blind games of space hulk (Kind of fun, but a lot of work for a two player game), large monsters in some 15mm games, and could even be used as huge beasts in 6mm games.

The best part about these guys is that they can work with so many scales and can be used for any ruleset that has a bitey, clawey, scary alien.

What do you think?  Any other ideas where these guys can fit into your gaming?

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