Saturday, August 2, 2014

Orc-rested Development - Ork Bloodbowl Team

BloodBowl!!!!  This is one of the GW games that I still really like.  I don't get a lot of time to play it, but it is a good game and if you can find a good group of players, you will have tons of fun.

I even got my wife to play a few games.  Here are some pictures of the team I painted for her.

She is a big fan of Arrested Development.  All of the players are named after characters in that show.

Here is the whole team.  I need to add a few more players, but this is the basic team.

Here are 4 Black Orc Blockers.  These guys are the brutes of the team that everyone is scared of.

The team captain is the Orc Thrower.  Not a lot of skill, but can make the difference for you on occasion.

Orc Lineman in the front with the grey base.  The basic team member.  These guys are on the team pretty much only because they have to be.

In the back with the red base are the Blitzers.  These guys are the workhorses of the team.  They end up with the ball a lot.  Once they get a few skills they are real beasts.

Next time you will see my Lizardmen team.

Have you played Bloodbowl?  What is your favorite team?

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