Thursday, August 21, 2014

Epic 40K Tyranids - Test models

My starting Space Marine force is nearly complete, (you will be seeing some pictures in a post in the near future)  so I am thinking about my next project.  I think it will be Tyranids.

I have put together a few models and they hit the paint table.  I would like to hear some thoughts on them before I start knocking these out in volume.

Here is a unit of genestealers and a unit of hormogaunts.  The painting is pretty straight forward on these guys; a wash and then a few details picked out in grey.

I wanted the basing to be kind of an ash waste feel. I might add a small patch of brown flock to add a little detail.  I'm a little worried that the models blend in too much with the basing, but haven't decided on that for sure.

I like how the carnifex has turned out.  Him and his friends will tear apart the enemy.  Same painting as the little guys, but he has more armor plates that are grey.

I have mixed feelings about the Hive Tyrant.  There will only be a few of these guys floating around, so I guess he is okay.  If 40K the Hive Tyrant really stands out, but I don't feel like in this scale he will.  Maybe I need to put him on a bigger base with a few of the smaller guys on the same base.

What do you think of the colors?  Do the bases need some flock or are they good as is?


  1. Hey Sean the colors are nice - but I would try to make those grey areas a little lighter to maximize the contrast.
    I think this here is a good example:

    ..but of course, this is just my own oppinion.

  2. Very impressive stuff. The contrast on these is much better than mine. I will try a lighter grey and see how that looks. I like the look of the red claws, too. I might try that and see how it looks.

    Thanks for the link.