Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Roads and the battlefield

While not every battle needs a road, many certainly benefit from this kind of terrain.  Many rulesets have movement bonuses for units on roads, intersections can make good objectives, and/or roads can provide visual detail to an open area on your table.

Here you can see a Platoon of Earth Force Marines rallying at an intersection ready to move out for combat.

I've seen plenty of games based in a city or with a city on the board and no road into or out of that city.  I always wonder how people get there.

Roads can be anything from dirt tracks to paved multi-lane highways.  How we depict roads on our tabletop is also quite varied.  I've seen scratch built road sections, cut strips of cloth, and purchased resin models.  All work and it really just depends on what the players are willing to accept as reasonable given their time and budget.

Below you can see my roads.  These are felt strips that have had stripes painted on.  I've also added a few details to reflect repaired sections.  Nothing too fancy, but they do add a nice variety to the table.  These are used primarily for my 15mm games, but can work as narrow roads in 28mm or highways in 6mm.

Here is a sample of my straights sections, T sections, and 4 way sections.

I've thought about selling these.  If anyone is interested drop me a line at sean68333@gmail.com.  I was thinking about $10 for 10 straight sections, 1 - 4 way section, and 1 T section.  Additional pieces could be added if desired.  I hope to have 6mm road sections available very soon.

Do you use roads on your tables?  What do you use to represent them on the table?

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