Thursday, July 3, 2014

15mm Sci-Fi Building

Buildings are another important part of our battlefields on the tabletop.  We can use a plain cardboard box, scratch build something (I've seen some great ones) or purchase any of the many options that are out there.

I have done all of these myself.  Recently I tried a mesh of the two.  I purchased some doors and windows cut from plasticard and then used them to finish a building I was working on.  The doors and windows were purchased from CorSec Engineering.  They produce a variety of buildings, gaming templates, gaming mats, and terrain pieces.  I purchased a few of their 15mm flat pack terrain kits months ago and finally got around to finishing a building using their product.  They also have similar packs for 28mm.

CorSec Engineering door and window sprues.
Here is a picture of a few of the sprues I received.  These are thin, but look very nice.  One caution for you as you start to work with these is the window frames are very thin, so be careful taking them apart.  I used a hobby knife to cut them out as just pulling them apart saw a few get broken.  Regardless of that these are awesome.

There are several different window shapes and door shapes (and sizes) as well as some vents (I did not get any vents).
Front of Hex Building using CorSec Engineering's door.

Rear of Hex Building using CorSec Engineering's window.

I plan to use these for a variety of buildings for a small town I want to make for use with Future War Commander Skirmish and Tomorrows War.  Of course, these will work with any 15mm sci-fi setting.  I hope to post a tutorial on exactly what I am doing to make this building as well as a few more that I am working on.

What do you use for your games?  Do you build your own or puchase models?  What do you think of this one?

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