Wednesday, July 23, 2014

15mm Walls - More terrain for the table

Several months ago, my friend Randy joined the 14/7 Membership Club from Acheson Creations.  The membership gives you a discount in their store.  He asked me if I wanted anything so I went to their website....and my answer was YES!

They have all kinds of great terrain that will work for many of the games that I play and in different scales and their prices are reasonable even without the membership discount.  I got the order and the items have sat in a corner of my garage waiting for some attention.

I open all the stuff up and washed it.  I just ran a sink full of warm water, added some dish soap and grabbed a brush.  With these all cleaned, I let them dry and then chose a few models to put some paint on.

I primed these with a white primer from the local auto parts store.  Next I used wood glue to apply some talus to the bases.  This is not a must, but I like the look.  I painted the base a dark brown and dry brushed it with a light tan.  For the wall itself I used a GW green wash (don't remember the exact color) and slopped on a coat.  And done.  After that dried, I added a few bits of graffiti.

I have just one complaint about these and that is there are no corners for these.  Not that big of a deal, but it would be nice if some were available.  Oh well, I guess that can be another project for me.

These walls will see the battlefield in my 15mm games of Future War Commander and Tomorrows War.  The would certainly work in 28mm games like 40k or Infinity as well.

I have about 20 of these walls.  Below you can see some photos of the finished product.

I will probably use different colors as I paint up more of these, but the style will stay the same.  I do want to add more graffiti and slogans.

Anyone have some anti-establishment slogans that I can put on here?  Where might I find some inspiration for that kind of thing?

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  1. Take a look at some 2000AD comics if you can get them (lots of Judge Dredd available in collected format, I think it's probably available in the US), also anything with artwork by Kevin O'Neill, especially "Marshall Law". Loads of ideas for graffiti in there!
    I was always fond of the slogan for Torquemada, Nemesis the Warlock's enemy: "Be pure. Be vigilant. Behave!"