Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Epic 40K Space Marines - A work in progress

I have shown off my Epic Rhino upgrades to Predators and Razorbacks.  Now I want to show you some of the other units I have been working on.  No conversions with these, just fleshing out an army at this point.

These will primarily see the field of battle using Future War Commander, but I also want them to be usable for Epic 40K (and variants) and a modified version of Tomorrows War.

Overall Commander.  This may get a Rhino instead of the Razorback.

HQ section.

Another HQ Section

Land Speader

Dreadnought.  This will be used as an assault walker.

Chaos Dreadnought.  This will be used as a fire support walker.

Tactical Marine Squad

Terminator Squad

Assault Marine Squad.
I need to assemble more of all of these and I still have to put together some Devastator squads. To finish up I think the infantry will include 20 basic marine squads, 10 assault squads, 10 terminator squads, and 10 devastator squads.  Add to this the Rhinos and Razorbacks to transport all these troops, Predator tanks, Land Raiders, Land Speeders, and Dreadnoughts for support.

I like the look and when they are all based it will be a nicely uniformed force that can hit the field of battle and do some damage to the enemies of the Empire.

What do you think?  Anything I should add?

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