Monday, July 14, 2014

Great Plains Sectional Championship

I had the opportunity to shoot and work the Great Plains Sectional Championship match this past weekend.  I shot the match on Saturday and worked as an RO (Range Officer) on Sunday.

The match had 9 stages.  As always, the stages were lots of fun and presented different challenges.  There were lots of close targets in the match, but there were enough targets at range to keep things interesting.

I could have done better, but feel like I did well.  While watching the video of my performance, it is easy to see where I bobbled reloads, reloaded when I didn't need to, etc.  Overall, I had 2 mikes and 4 deltas during the entire match.  Not too bad for me.

I earned 2nd place C class Production (out of 11), 16th place Production (out of 35), and 61st Overall (out of 129).

I really need to spend time regularly doing dry fire practice, but never seem to make time for it.  I am going to work on that and see how much it helps me.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.  Any areas you see that I need to improve?

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