Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Scratch Built Spaceships

I'm pretty sure that if you have been playing miniature games for more than a month, you have a pile of bits somewhere that you have saved for some future project.  I have lots of piles of bits.

I decided I wanted to see what i could do with some of those bits.  After digging around a bit I found some Ork arms and got my clippers and exacto knife.  After a little trial and error, this is what I came up with.

For my first try I took a chain saw choppa arm and a couple of regular choppa arms.
I trimmed off the ork arm and smoothed the surfaces that would be glued.
I used a little glue and drilled a hole for the stand and...Ta da.

Next up I took another chain saw choppa arm and 2 ax arms.
Same process of trimming and smoothing.
 Some more glue and another hole and another ship is finished.

 These are pretty clunky, but they look alright for a less advanced race like Orks.  When I put together a few more ships and add a little paint and and I will have the start of another fleet using bits that I've got laying around.

What do you think?  Any ideas for making larger ships to match these frigates?  Maybe use some parts from a kill kan or trukk?


  1. Very cool, I like it. Might have to see what I have in the bits box.

    Paul in SA

  2. The important lesson IMHO is to think outside the scale of the bits. Don't just think, how can I use this 28mm gun for another 28mm model. Think what other scale it could be used for.

    Good Luck!