Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Space Empires: Replicators by GMT Games - Unboxing

I joined in on the P500 pre-order of Space Empires: Replicators at the last minute.  This expansion of Space Empires 4x is published by GMT Games and was designed by Jim Krohn.

This is the second expansion for Space Empires 4x and this one adds several new features to the game:  a new race (the Replicators), terrain tiles, a resource deck, and some new ships.

Below you can see a couple of pictures of the contents.

Such pretty art on the box

3 types of production sheets

4 copies of the Research Chart/Ship Chart

2 sheets of ship tokens

6 sheets of Terrain Tiles

Empire Advantage Deck

Resource Cards
The components are nice and match well with the components of the core box.

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