Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kings of War (6mm) Battle Report - Kingdoms of Men vs Orcs - 800 Points Kill!

I thought I would try something a little different for another game of Kings of War for my 6 x 6 Game Challenge.  For this game, I pulled out some of my Epic 40K models and put together a couple of armies; Kingdoms of Men (Space Marines) and Orcs (Orcs).

I scaled down the normal table size to a 3' x 2' table and worked up some 800 point armies.  I didn't spend a lot of time on building the armies as I was just checking to see how the game would work in this scale.

Kings of War is pretty abstract so I thought this might let me make use of my collection of Epic 40K models.

Kingdoms of Men - 790 points

Hero                                            50 points
Foot Guard Regiment               135 points
Foot Guard Regiment               135 points
Arquebusiers Regiment            135 points
Knight Troop                            125 points
Beast of War                             210 points

Orcs - 790 points

Greatax Regiment                      145 points
Greatax Regiment                      145 points
Goar Chariots Regiment            140 points
Fight Wagons Regiment            170 points
Giant                                          190 points

The Kingdoms of Men got lucky early and routed the Fight Wagon Regiment after doing some damage via shooting.  Once the orcs reached melee range, things started to go down hill for the Kingdom of Men.  Though in the end, the Orcs couldn't do enough damage and the Kingdom ended up winning the battle.

It was a fun game and fits well on a small board.  I think I will be playing more games in this scale with my Epic 40k models.  I have several factions and will be able to try out a variety of lists .

There isn't any hidden info in KoW so it works well as a solo game.

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