Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cold War Era in 6mm - Assembling Hedgerows

I wanted to add more terrain to my collection and was looking for something that I could easily put together and that would work in several different game periods.

So I broke out some clump foliage, tongue depressors, and flock.  A little work and ta-da, I've got a small collection of hedgerows.  

These can be used along roads, around fields, around houses, and where ever you think they would be appropriate.

These aren't really all that fancy, but they will be effective and I am please with how they turned out.

An added bonus is that these will also work with my 15mm gaming.  Terrain that works with multiple projects is always a good thing.


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    1. Thanks, but...

      I can't take credit for the creativeness of this project. I've seen these in battle reports and probably other people's blogs.