Monday, January 16, 2017

Cold War Commander Battle Report 1 - 6 x 6 Challenge

I played my first game of Cold War Commander.

In this game, it is 1985 and I have a small force of US tanks facing off against a small force of Russian tanks.  I played the encounter scenario from the book.

I recorded the battle and you can watch it here.

I missed a few rules; suppression and opportunity fire for sure, and maybe a few more.  It was a learning game, so it is okay to miss a few rules.  I'll try to do better in future games.

I enjoyed the game and look forward to future games.  I like how the activation mechanic works in this game.  It fives a good "Fog of War" because you don't know if you will be able to activate or not.

I have pretty limited forces for the moment, but I'm working on painting more models for the Cold War era and will be playing larger games as I get more models painted.

Have you played this game?  What do you think of it?


  1. Subscribed to bayou tube and made a to. If comments on the video. I've got lots of Blitzkrieg Commander content on my blog.

    1. I've subscribed to your channel. Looks like you have some good videos. Hopefully they will help me to get the rules down.

  2. I have played it and it is fun. Less detail than FFT but enjoyable. Works well with 3mm armor

    1. I plan to try out Fist Full of TOWs also. What I've read looks good.