Monday, October 10, 2016

Mine tokens for space ship games

I painted up some mine tokens to go along with the ships I have been painting for the Toys for Tots Auction.  I thought I would write a post about them so you can make some of your own if you are interested.

I found a box of beads that have been sitting around the house for years.  These are left over from some craft project the kids had at some point.  After looking at them for a bit and thinking how I could use them, I decided they would work as Mines.

I went to my local craft store and got some plastic rods that would fit into the holes on the beads.  I cut the rod to different lengths and glued some beads to the rod.  For the bases, I decided to just use foam core board cut into squares.  Nothing fancy, but it is effective.

I sprayed the tokens black.  For this batch, I decided to paint the mines green to match the fleet I am painting.

I painted the mines the same green as the ships and then applied a wash of nuln oil.  To finish up, I highlighted them with a brighter shade of green and I'm done.

I'm happy with the look and think they will work good on the tabletop.

I made 10 tokens to go with the fleet.  I'll be making more for my own gaming needs.

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