Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Epic G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. - AAR #2

++++++  Message Start  ++++++

To Commandar Krause of the Dark Lion Space Marine Chapter

The planetary government of Antia has stopped distribution of agro supplies to the Imperial collectors.  Repeated attempts to reinstate the delivery of these supplies have failed.

Review of available data has shown this planet and its government has significant similarities with others that have come under the influence of Chaos.  There seems to be a 86.42% chance that there is a large chaos cultist influence on the government and its population.  It is important to note that there are significant deviations from previous experiences with the corrupting influence of the dark gods.  At this time, though the deviations cannot be explained so we must assume that you will face forces of the dark gods.

Scans of the planet show a PDF contingent deployed around an agro processing/storage plant.  You will deploy your forces to the south of this plant and then advance on through a wooded area and destroy the opposition.  Any data you collect regarding the corrupting influence should be forwarded on to fleet command for further review and analysis.  

Supreme Commander Darius

Quote of the Day:  Adamantium walls and plasteel bulkheads may seem formidable, but an unshakeable faith in the Immortal Emperor of Man can overcome any barriers.

++++++  Message End  ++++++

My group and I played another game of GASLIGHT using my collection of Epic 40k models.

This game took place a few months ago and I failed to write anything up for the game, so I'm afraid, I don't have many details of the game for you.  However, I did take a few pictures so will at least be able to share a bit of eye candy.

The original transmission stated that there was some Chaos taint among the local population, but it turned out that it was actually a Genestealer cult and the invasion of Tyranid forces was already underway.

The Tyranid forces in this game came on kind of piece-meal, so they didn't put up much of a fight for the Marines.  And when the Terminators teleported into the middle of the Guard lines, the game was over pretty quickly.

I need to make some adjustments to stats for our next game, but I think this was a fun game and I look forward to the next engagement.

Hopefully, I will get some more Guard and Tyranid models painted before then as well.

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