Friday, June 20, 2014

Star Trek: Red Alert

Last night, my buddy Bill broke out an old game (but new to us) that he got in a trade.

It was Star Trek: Red Alert.  This is a Disk War style game set in the Star Trek universe.  Neither of us had played before so we just made up small (50 point) fleets.  Bill had Cardassians and I had Klingons.  We both ended up with 2 ships with a few upgrades each.

The mechanics are pretty simple, but overall it was a fun game.  With the basic mechanics under our belt, I think the next go around will go much quicker and we could play with much larger forces.  Through the game we were learning some basic tactics and getting ideas on how to make better use or our orders and ship upgrades.

Below you can see my ship (the IKS Dok'vas) has just launched a torpedo at the Voln.  It was ultimately blocked by the enemy's deflector shield (a ship upgrade).

I lost a ship early to a focused pounding by the Cardassians, but then Bill's luck turned for the worse.  He got plenty of shots off on me, but couldn't get much damage done.  I managed to steadily do damage to his ships and got a couple of critical hits on the Voln.  He decided to disengage instead of being blown to oblivion.  I expect to see him again once he licks his wounds and repairs his damaged ships.  I just hope I can get some reinforcements to replace my lost ship before we face off again.

This game is no longer in print.  While it was fun, I don't think I'm going to run out and start searching EBay for packs for myself, but I would be up for a few more games the next time Bill pulls it out of his closet.

Have you played any Disk War games?  What did you think of them?

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