Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Shots Practical Shooters June 25, 2014

Last night was the final night of our Wednesday night league at Big Shots Range.  We will be starting up again the first Wednesday of September.  

The stage had 16 paper targets with 4 firing points.  I enjoyed the stage even though I shot horribly.  Good thing I have fun with this sport.

Some of the target were further away than we are used to shooting and you could see the results of that in many people's scores.  I had 5 mikes and 2 no-shoots.  Certainly not my best performance.  I just need to slow down and focus more on my sight picture and trigger pull.  More practice needs to be in my future if I hope to perform decently at the upcoming USPSA National match.  

I shot the stage in 26.76 seconds and earned 95 point of a possible 160 points before I deducted the 70 points of penalties.  My hit factor was 0.9342.  Yikes!!!

I finished 5th out of 5 in production and 16 out of 21 overall.  I will be working on some dry fire drills and live fire practice on targets at 25 yards and further.

Have you been to any great matches lately?

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