Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fields with crops

Farming is an important part of any civilization.  As such I thought I would make some crops to fight around and over.  These will work for 28mm, 15mm, or 6mm.

I will be using these for my Future War Commander games as well as my 15mm games.

I picked up some carpet at Menard's as the base of the field.  It has ridges that I thought look close to plowed fields.  Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some floral stems with lots of small blooms.  I got red, green, blue, and yellow blooms.  These will give me a nice variety when I get them all done.

I pulled off all the blooms and used wood glue to glue them to the carpet.  I glued the blooms in the low parts of the rows.  I just put a drop of glue down and stuck the bloom on.  Let the glue dry completely before moving these around.

You can cut different sizes of depending on what you want.  I have finished 3 pieces and half of a 4th.  Two are 8" x 5" and two are 5" x 5".

Do you have fields in your games?  What do you use?

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