Friday, March 24, 2017

Rebel Minis - Animechs Unboxing

Rebel Minis ran a kickstarter for some Animech models recently.  The available models were robotic versions of a spider, a scorpion, and a wolf.  I backed the project and have received 2 scorpions and a spider.

I thought I would do a quick unboxing to show these off.

The models have nice detail and are well pretty detailed.  Assembly might be a little challenging, but John Bear Ross put together an assembly guide for these multi-legged monsters that should help with the process.  Click for Assembly Guide.

Scorpion Animech

Spider Animech

Turret Mount Stretch Goals

Overall, while there is a fair amount of flash to clean up, it isn't that bad and should be pretty straight forward to take care of.  I really like the look of these two models (I wasn't impressed with the wolf) and look forward to painting them.

Stay tuned to see a painting video at some point in the future.

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