Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Imperial Skies - Austria-Hungarian Fleet - Dunabe Class Patrol Nefs

I am painting an Austria-Hungarian aeronef fleet for my friend Doug for use with Imperial Skies.  I'm trying to paint these to match the paint scheme found at Brigade Model's website for this fleet.

There really isn't anything too complicated about this paint job, but the great things about these models is that you don't need a complicated paint job to make them look nice.

I hull and super-structure is a basic green with some drybrushing to brighten it up.  I painted the guns and smoke stacks black and the deck boards tan.  A little detail on the tail fins and some paint on the windows and these are pretty much done.

Paints Used:
Army Painter
   Matt Black
   Deep Blue
Vallejo Game Color
   Scorpy Green
Vallejo Model Color
   Tan Earth
   Sky Blue
   Flat Red
Games Workshop/Citadel
   Agrax Earthshade

I will share more videos as I continue to work on this fleet.

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