Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cold War Era in 6mm - Painting Russian Infantry

Now that I have a few tanks painted for my Cold War era games, I need to add some infantry to my forces.  I'm starting with the Russians as those are the first models that I've come across.  I got a batch of Heroics and Ros Russian infantry models second hand.  The models look pretty good and will look even better once I've got some paint on them.

In this scale, I'm not planning to do a whole lot of detail, but I also don't want to paint them a single color and call them done.  I'm shooting for a decent table-top standard and hope these turn out well.

First up, I trimmed flash off the models as needed and then primed them white.  I used my usual automotive primer.  It covers well without leaving a thick coat.  With 6mm you need to be sure you don't put on too thick of a coat, because you will lose all the detail of the model.

Once the primer was dry, I put on base coat of Vallejo Model Air: Middlestone.  Next up, I washed the models with GW's Agrax Earthshade and then did a light dry brush with the Middlestone.

I painted the guns and boots with Army Painter Black.

Next up, I applied Vallejo Game Color Elf Skintone on the exposed flesh.

I put a small dab of Vallejo Model Color Flat Red on the shoulders for the shoulder patches.

Finally, I painted the helmets with Vallejo Model Air Russian Green.

With the models painted, I based the infantry teams on 40mm x 30mm bases and the anti-tank and LMG teams on 30mm x 30 mm bases.

I textured the bases with a mix of drywall putty, wood glue, dish soap, and burnt umber acrylic paint.  Once that was dry, I put a coat of burnt umber on the bases and applied labels printed on labels.  Finally, I flocked the bases with a mix of Gale Force 9 Dirt flock, Woodland Scenics Earth Blend flock, and Woodland Scenics Green Grass.

I am very happy with the results and look forward to playing some games with these.

I've now got 21 infantry teams, 12 anti-tank teams and 2 LMG teams.  I will need to add a few more anti-tank and LMG teams as well as some mortar teams and maybe a few HMG teams.

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