Monday, December 19, 2016

Painting The Walking Dead: All Out War - Rick

Next up, the iconic Rick.  Everyone knows who Rick is.  He is the leader of the survivors, who rules with bloodthirsty cruelty, or does what it takes to keep his people going.  Depends on your perspective.

Another fun model to paint and another decent looking model for my table.

I've still got more models to paint so keep an eye out for more additions to the crew.


  1. Hi if you were to use citadel paints for the whole of Rick what would be best to use

    1. My collection of citadel paints is pretty limited. I use their washes (I think they call them shades now) pretty often, but not a lot of their other colors.

      Having said that, let me give it a stab.

      Pants - base with abaddon black, highlight with dawnstone, wash with nuln oil.
      Jacket - base with balor brown, the furry part with karak stone, wash with agrax earthshade.
      Shirt - base with alrdorf guard blue, wash with drakenhof nightshade
      Skin - base with Cadian fleshtone, wash with Reikland fleshshade
      Gun- abaddon black
      Ax handle - base with rhinox hide, wash with agrax earthshade
      Ax head - base with iron breaker, wash with nuln oil
      Hair - base with balor brown, wash with agrax earthshade

      This won't give you the exact look that I have, but it should be pretty close.

      I hope that helps.