Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Painting The Walking Dead: All Out War - Derek

Derek is the last model from the core box of The Walking Dead: All Out War to hit my paint table.

Derek is an interesting model and painted up as quickly as the rest.  He is a little shiny in the pictures, but that will be taken care of after I dull coat the model.

My goal with these models was to show how nice a simple paint job could look.  Don't be afraid to paint your models.  Even a simple paint job can look nice and will add to the game play experience.  I will guarantee* that if you set this game up at your local shop and have all painted models for the game, that people will stop and watch, ask questions, and may even ask to join in.

I have several of the expansions so I'm guessing I will paint some or all of those at some point as well.

*Not a real guarantee.

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