Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Age of the Wolf - A SAGA campaign - Part 1

My local game group has been working our way through the new campaign system for SAGA that was published in the Age of the Wolf supplement.

I believe we have 7 players and made a few tweeks to the system to limit the number of games we would have to play in each season.  Instead of each person choosing to raid or campaign against a specific person, we all just choose what we will do (raid, campaign, or defend) and send them to Randy who is organizing the campaign.  I pairs us up based on who sent the info in first and we play one game based on those pairings.  We are doing a single season each month.

I started the campaign with a band of Scots.  I was pleased with my roles for the leader's traits.  However, things didn't go so well for him.

In the first season I decided I would campaign.  I was paired off against Bill.  We played The Burh scenario with my force attacking the wall.  The game was going okay, but I let my pride get in the way and made some stupid mistakes and instead of winning the game, I lost the game and my warlord was killed during the game.  When we rolled to see what happened to my Warlord after the game, it turned out that the wounds he suffered were in fact terminal.  We held a beautiful service for him.

Oh what a fool!  It was a good reminder to stay focused on mission objectives.

I decided to create a new warband and went with Scots again as that is the only force that I have.  (This isn't legal in the rules as written.  If you want to create a new warband, you are supposed to pick a new faction, but we are allowing it.)

In the second season, I chose to defend.  After the beating I took in my first game, I was hoping to bulk up my forces a little before heading out with my new war band.  I was paired against Randy who was also defending, so no battle for me this season.  I was actually hoping to get a game in with my bolstered forces, but the fates can be fickle.

In my third season, I decided to go on another campaign.  This time I was paired off against Joe and his mighty Viking warband.  We played The Hazel Wands scenario.  I lost the challenge and Joe took the advantage and planned to beat me into submission.  Joe had some great saves in the game, which meant I had to spend way to much time fighting his levies.  At the end of the game, I had defeated his whole warband, but only had a handful of models left in mine.  It was a very bloody battle, but I did manage to take home a win.

Next up I will be facing Neal and his Anglo-Danes.  Let's see how brutal those Dane axes really are.

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