Tuesday, November 22, 2016

African Tribes for Congo

My gaming group has been enjoying Congo - Adventures in the Heart of Africa.

So far, I've been borrowing models from my friends who already had all the models we would need for our games, but I wanted to put together some forces of my own.

So... I dug out some old Zulu models (that I had started painting up for some unknown project) I had in a box and did a little re-basing and painted up some shields.  These will work well for several factions and can be used for young warriors or married warriors.

I also have some masked warriors that I got from Old Glory some time ago.  These have also been re-based, but still need some flock.  I think one of these will be serving as my witch doctor and the others can be fanatical warriors.

Next up will be some heroes to go along with these.  I'd also like to paint up some models with muskets/rifles and bows to mix up things a bit.

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